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Sometimes i get cancer...

So I am convinced that I have intestinal or lung cancer, and that is not fun.
I feel like the inside of my body is choking, and my organs are beating each other.

I went to work this morning, and just got off. I thought I had to work at the Yacht Club too, but it turns out that I am not on the schedule this week. That is the only gnarley thing that has happened today.
My friend, Sara, asked me if I wanted to go to the American Theater in Phoebus to see Indian Music live at 7:30. I definitely want to go. I think it would be an amazing experience.
Sometimes (meaning every second I am conscious) I want to go back to New Orleans. It's killing me. I feel so god damn depressed. I just want to lay in bed, and cry all day.
I cried a lot yesterday too, but it was because there was so much depressing shit on the news. Fuck! I hate the war, and the government. What the fuck are they doing? It's so frustrating. I want to do something about it. I want people to wake up, and to quit taking OUR government's shit. I can't fucking believe no one would want to stand up against this. Everyone's minds are so twisted. People are too wrapped up in who is right and who is wrong. Who really knows! I hope that everyone is wrong! I hope we are all packed onto a boat, and shipped off to *"hell"! That is what the people of this world deserve. What happened to appreciating diversity? What happened to accepting differences? Oh, that's right, AMERICA! This country has never done that! This country was overrun on all the wrong levels! First, we destroyed the NATIVE Americans (not to mention their culture along with it)! Then, we stole Africans from their home, and forced them into slavery! No need to mention the Japanese internment camps during World War 2! Can anyone say, "WHITE MAN'S HOLOCAUST"! We continue to degrade people today. People are being made to feel menial! How could anyone turn another into a second class citizen. We are all suppose to be equal here, in this divine land of freedumb. People kill each other every day with caustic stares, and their fucking petty stereotypes. It's time to start changing! Thomas Jefferson once said, "Every generation needs a Revolution." I say it's time to start that revolution. This is our future! It's time to rid this world of it's prejudices! The world is changing every day, why don't people join together, and start molding the world into what is right. The right answer begins with understanding, acceptance, and love, and with those three components it could only end with peace.

Not only should our generation not tolerate the continual fuck-ups of our world, but we need to FIGHT BACK against bigots, racists, sexists, homo phobics, and religious elitists.
We all share the same home...Earth!
There is only one true race, and that is the human race!

*Hell-I am not referring to the Christians' hell. I mean this in any and every sense of the word.
Tags: tired of war
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