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life life life

so life is silly. i work everyday, except Saturday. i need more than a one day break. ble. at least, i have a shit ton of money now. that is always nice.

i finally opened a checking account and a savings account in my name. it's exciting. I'm trying to figure out if i am going to move back to NOLA or go to school around here for another semester. I'm totally not in to school now.

I've been trying to convince several of my friends to move there with me. some want to, but can't or won't. I'm serious. everyone needs to wake up and start doing what makes them happy. that is what I'm in the process of doing. i don't care if i have friends in NOLA or not. it's not about the people for me. it's about the life uptown and in the French quarter. it's about walking through the streets aimlessly, and being so content that if my legs fell off i would be happy to stay in the same place. i can't wait until I'm financially stable enough to move down there and live on my own.
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