Annie (emoannie420) wrote,

Monsters Under the Bed

I thought I could get away with drinking Rum & Coke cocktails in tall glasses at 7:30 a.m.
after a long day of drinking yesterday, I thought wrong.

I woke up feeling a bit eerie (or hungover), and I figured, "Hey, I've never been dumb enough to believe the hype about drinking to cure a hangover. I think I'll try it." Well, now I think I've only drunken myself back in to the same drunken state as last night, which was not the most enjoyable. It is a state of consistent contemplation about where my life is headed. At this point, I want my life to be headed in one general direction, which is success in the things I truly want (but do not necessarily feel like working for or going to a lot of school for, for that matter). I am completely unmotivated, and this only struck me a few months ago. I just stopped attending classes at Thomas Nelson Community College, and started fucking off (besides having a full time job for five months (to save money to get my life somewhere besides this shitty, little city.))

Now, I sleep most of the day, everyday. I just found out my license has been suspended for over a year because of some shitty speeding ticket I received and went to court for over a year ago in North Carolina. Meaning, I cannot get my license back until I take the Driver Improvement Clinic, which only occurs every first and third weekend of every month and costs $75. This is after I've already paid $115 dollars to get my license reinstated. I cannot drive until after the 21st of July because that is when the class is. None of this would have ever occurred if the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) was not a greedy fucking scam set up by the government to drain unsuspecting victims of their money. They are suppose to send out a letter informing the "offender" that they are required to take a Driver Improvement Clinic if they are underage. Not only did I not receive any information about this, after I had driven six hours to Mocksville, North Carolina to attend court and pay $130 in fines over a year ago, but my insurance company also had no idea of my license ever being suspended. So, why am I now paying an additional $190 to the state of Virginia...because of their MISTAKES, MISINFORMATION, CORRUPTION. The whole scam is an easy way to make a few hundred extra dollars off of their citizens. Well, fuck that, I pay my fucking taxes (that I am already getting dicked on (by employers), and I abide by the local, state, and federal laws (excluding two minor ones(one rhymes with smalcohol and the other with carijuana).

This is an injustice that needs to be brought to the attention of someone who gives a shit enough to fight against it, (which is not our government (why should they acknowledge this if they are profiting)). It is so hard to fight against the power that controls every thing. Can the people say FASCISM. What ever happened to Justice? The word itself has become a mockery.

The wild tangent about the fascist government was on accident. I meant to eventually arrive at the point that I hope I still have my job as a delivery girl at Good Fortune (chinese restaurant) when I do finally get this situation solved. Until then, I am losing a good two weeks of making money. When I thought about it, which I have, it comes up to about $300 not earned. That is less money than I will have paid for this whole ordeal.

I claim Shenanigans.

I will have a few new pictures of my new art work soon...hopefully.
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