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i have almost no money left in my fucking checking account.
god damn...
car expenses!
Virgin Fest Tickets!
having no job!

shit. shit. shit.

if i don't make or find at least $500 before August 12th. I am going to have to either cut the trip to NOLA short or...not go at all. ::starts whining::

i guess i will have to pursue...
an exotic dancing career!
a medical career!
a power washing career!
a bank robbing career!
a drug dealing career!
...for a few weeks!

..or if anyone wants you can send money to the
Bring Annie Back to NOLA for the Millionth Time Fund
(we'll call it BAB2NOLA4theMTF for short)<-sarcasm
we'll really call it Bring Annie to NOLA

you can donate money to...
435 Lee St.
Hampton, VA 23669
(cash or check only)
we will not accept pocket lint, but change is welcome.
fund ends: august 12th, 2007

well...cheers mates.

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