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In My Dreams...

I want to be in love.

I want the good times to outweigh the bad.
I want the bad times to be worked out instead of drawn out.
I want spontaneous, creative romance.
I want more than just intimacy; I want friendship.
I want to be able to be close without being insecure.
I want someone who wants to be around me as much as I want to be around them.
I want someone who feels comfortable enough to be completely open and honest.
I want someone who likes doing new, different things.
I want someone who is modest, but not too modest.
I want someone who is confident, but not too confident.
I want someone who finds contentment in just being together.
I want someone who needs no more reassurance than a simple glance.

...who doesn't.

I mull these thoughts over all the time.
It never seems to come together.

People are so afraid that they are not worth getting to know,
that they don't take the time to let anyone else see that they are.
It seems so petty how simple fear can create such huge boundaries for people.
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